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Getting the Right Care After a Hospital Discharge

There are many reasons you might need to go into hospital. From planned operations to resolve ongoing problems to emergency admissions following a fall or accident. Nobody likes to be in hospital, and often the first question asked will be ‘when can I go home?’. Although the hospital must make sure that you’re fit and […]

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What is Convalescent Care?

The term ‘convalescence’ refers to a period of recovery or recuperation, and where better to do it than in the beautiful surroundings of Chilton House? Here at the home, we offer full convalescent care, catering to a variety of needs with a focus on getting the person back to good health and ready to continue […]

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Helping older people to stay hydrated this summer

We’re well into the warmer weather, and hopefully all set to enjoy a beautiful summer. Most of us recognise the importance of hydration, particularly when the weather is hot, and take pains to tell our children to drink more water to stay well. But, did you know that the worst demographic for allowing themselves to […]

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Short stay care: All your questions answered

Sometimes known as respite care, a short stay in a care home can be a golden opportunity both for the carer and the cared for person. Here at Chilton House, we have many requests for short stay care and see first-hand just how beneficial these mini breaks can be. If you’re not sure what short […]

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Top tips for talking about care

There’s never a great time to talk about care options, but if you’re concerned for the safety of a loved one or friend, it’s crucial that you find a way to have this discussion. Here are our top tips for making this often-difficult conversation a little easier for everyone. 

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