We aim to ensure independence, dignity, and most importantly choice, in all aspects of daily life.

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Food at Chilton

Our Award winning Chefs work tirelessly to produce a varied, nutritious, and healthy menu. Using locally sourced produce, the team offer choice, expertly cooked, and creatively presented meals daily.

Wellness at Chilton

Leisure and wellness in our homes is all about actively engaging with life. Wellness has become a priority in people’s lives and in the lifestyle choices made. At Chilton House we understand how important it is that our residents have every opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle and well-being that is of their choice.

Activities Schedule

Our activities schedule is put together with the residents interests at the heart of our offering. Our team spend time with each resident, and really understand what is important to them.

Popular activities on offer are:

  • Art classes
  • Musical performances
  • Visits from pets, animals, and falconry
  • Craft sessions
  • Trips to museums, shows, and local events
  • Regular pub lunches
  • Hosted Suppers
  • Entertainment evenings
  • Quizzes
  • Lectures

Friends & Family

Our doors are always open. We recognise the importance of spending time with your friends and your family. Our dining room can always accommodate visitors for lunch, and our activities team always welcome extra participants.

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